| From a future writer |

red-hands-woman-creative.jpgHi everyone. Today I am going to express my feelings and thoughts towards writing and the challenges I face but hope to overcome. As a graduated hairstylist, I have not spent much time writing or practicing my writing, therefore, I am concerned my writing skills are not up to par.

During my year at Versailles Academy of hair and make up, I have spent almost no time at all practicing my writing. Instead, we practiced our communication and people skills to be able to adapt with different personalities. I would call myself a communicator and presenter over a writer but would eventually like to change that aspect of my life since I do enjoy writing. To me, writing is about expressing yourself which I enjoy doing through dance or journaling, which unfortunately to date has been for my eyes only.

With a great support system from my communications teacher Frank and my peers, having them around to help with corrections when needed is key. Using elements such as Pearson writer and other writing tools, I know I can beat my fear for writing publicly and it will improve not only my writing but my vocabulary as well. This being my first post so far, my expectations are not high with grabbing your attention but I hope to change that starting on my second blog post so stay tuned.


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